Agent - Residential Programs

Services Available - Exetel Residential DSL Agent

Currently the products/services available to an Exetel Residential agent are:

Exetel can provide Netcomm products at very attractive prices to Exetel agents. To see a list of the current Netcomm products available please click here.

Requirements To Become A Residential Agent

The main requirements to become an Exetel Residential agent are:

An established business that will sell Exetel's Residential products/services as an 'add on' to its current activities

A thorough knowledge of the technical/operational aspects of the products/services

Exetel will consider companies/people that don't meet those two criteria if there are compelling reasons to do so.

Applying To Become A Residential Agent

If you wish to be considered as either a Residential or Business Exetel agent please read the draft agent contract that you will find by:

clicking here for the Residential Agent draft contract.

If, having read the draft contract, you wish to proceed with applying for an Exetel agency please send the following information:


If we agree that your application meets our basic requirements we will usually issue you an agent contract within 48 hours of your application.