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Services Available - Exetel Business Telephone Agent

Exetel can offer an extremely competitive range of telephone call plans to companies who install and service a business customer's telephone systems and services.

An agent can elect to sell Exetel's 'retail' telephone plans on the basis that Exetel bills the client and takes responsibility for collecting the debt and paying the agent a commission of 15% of the net invoice value.

The current business telephone call plans can be found by clicking here.

Alternatively, and as well, Exetel can provide 'tailored' plans at higher call charges than the retail plans that return commissions of 20% or 25% of the net invoice value. These plans can include 'rebates' to the end user of an agreed amount of money to cover the costs of the lease of a new telephone key station or PABX (the rebate is deducted from the agent's commission).

If the agent has their own billing system, Exetel can bill the agent direct and the agent can then on bill the end customer at whatever charges they wish to put in place.

Requirements To Become An Exetel Telephone Agent

The main requirements to become an Exetel Telephone Agent are:

Applying To Become An Exetel Agent

If you wish to be considered as either an Exetel Telephone agent please read the draft agent contract that you will find by clicking here for the Telephone Agent draft contract.

If, having read the draft contract, you wish to proceed with applying for an Exetel agency please send the following information:


If we agree that your application meets our basic requirements we will usually issue you an agent contract within 48 hours of your application.