About us,
find out how over 120,000 Aussies
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Exetel is Australia's largest independent internet service provider

We have been operating for ten years providing a full range of discount telecommunication services to residential and corporate customers alike.

Founded by John Linton and operated by the Linton Family we are different from other telco companies. We believe in putting our customers needs first. We try to make things simple, and to cut through red tape and BS to make sure our customers get what they want. Without hassle.

We offer a range of simple, easy to understand plans and pricing across broadband, nbn™ / Fibre, mobile and corporate services.

As a low cost provider our aim is to provide our customers with real savings and the best value telco plans in the market.

And we know what a pain it can be to try and deal with most companies when you need something done in a hurry. That's why we strive to deliver great customer service. We even publish our call centre waiting times on this website.

John Linton

John Linton

Many considered John Linton to be one of the telecommunication industry's most colourful mavericks. Never known for holding back, John was one of the few people in Australia to honestly speak the truth about the industry's business and practice.

An avid blogger, John would often vigorously speak out against Federal Government policies such as the National Broadband Network and Internet Filtering initiatives. He also famously sued Telstra and won forcing the telco to publicly apologise.

Ever the consumer advocate, and always on the side of the underdog, John Linton started Exetel with the objective of creating a very different type of company - one that looked after the interests of customers by being as transparent as possible. In the words of his son James, "We faced many challenges establishing Exetel, some that would have undoubtedly overwhelmed anyone with less indomitable determination than John. He was the toughest person I think I will ever meet. The most honest person I have ever met, and one of the kindest. But above all he was unique, with the clarity of vision and sharpness of mind that was simply awesome."

John Linton founded Exetel as a technology consulting company in the early 1990's but quickly identified the opportunity for a genuine low cost internet service provider in the market. Since that time it has grown dramatically to become the largest independent ISP in Australia.

In recent years John also established offshore call centres to support the company's growth and ensure those centres provide first class levels of customer service. Beyond his passion for telecommunications he was also a committed to the preservation of endangered Australian flora and fauna and funded many projects for Gouldian Finch, Black Cockatoo, Western Ground Parrot, Long-Nosed Potaroo, Red-Tailed Phascogale, Regent Honeyeater and Spiny Daisy conservation. He also funded the Sri Lankan Elephant/Human Conflict Reduction Programme.

Sadly John passed away suddenly in February 2012. John is survived by his wife Annette and three children. Annette and sons James and Andrew - are all actively involved in managing the Exetel business on a daily basis - ensuring John's legacy, vision and sense of adventure are carried forward into the future.

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