Exetel is Australia's largest

independent internet service provider

About us

Exetel is a family business. It was founded by John Linton, in the basement of his family home, over 15 years ago.

Many considered John Linton to be one of the telecommunication industry's most colourful mavericks. Never known for holding back, John was one of the few people in Australia to honestly speak the truth about the industry's business and practice.

As a result of John’s huge energy and passion, Exetel today is Australia's largest independent internet service provider, looking after the telco needs of over 120,000 Australians and 12,000 businesses.

Sadly, John passed away suddenly in February 2012. But John’s wife Annette, his sons James and Andrew, his daughter Keren and his brother-in-law Richard are all actively involved in running in the Exetel business on a daily basis - ensuring John's legacy, vision and sense of adventure carries on.

One of the things John rallied against was the power of the big Telco’s (he famously sued Telstra and won). Did you know that over 90% of the Australian telco industry is controlled by 5 big companies?

Unlike these giants, we like to put our customers’ needs first, not our corporate shareholders or super-profits.

We’re not perfect, but we do try to make things simple, and to cut through red tape to make sure our customers get what they want. Without hassle.

We offer a range of simple, easy to understand plans and pricing across nbn™, ADSL, fibre broadband, mobile and business telco services.

We aim to provide the best value-for-money telco plans in the market.

We also know what a pain it can be deal with the big telcos when you need something done in a hurry. That's why we strive to deliver fast, personal customer service - whether you speaking to one of our team in Sydney or Sri Lanka. We even publish our call centre waiting times on this website.