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nbn™ Ready ADSL2 +

Unlimited data

Total min $569.90


+ free WiFi modem on a 12 month contract

Available subject to qualification. See Things You Need Know.

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FREE nbn™ upgrade. No termination, transfer or activation fees.

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12-month ADSL2+ bundle plan

FREE Activation + FREE WiFi Modem

Unlimited Data

Included with your plan

Bonus ADSL2+ Data | 2 Months FREE
Home Phone Line | Included
Pay As You Go | Call Rates
nbn™ Ready WiFi Modem | FREE + shipping
Exetel nbn™ upgrade | FREE

total upfront cost | $20


Total min cost | $569.90

Critical Information Summary

Select your extras

WiFi Modem

(valued at $140)


plus $20 shipping

The Exetel ZTE modem provides full remote diagnostics and support for your ADSL2+ service

  • nbn™ approved. High speed AC 1600 Mbps dual channel WiFi.
  • Preconfigured for data & voice.
  • Use with your exisiting telephone.


Exetel Mobile

Get the 1st 2 months plan fee FREE on Saver 4G mobile plan when your bundle on a 12-month contract

2.5 GB


  • 2.5GB data allowance
  • Unlimited national calls & text
  • Unlimited overseas texts
  • Free SIM shipping & free activation
  • 12-month contract
  • Excess data $10/GB
  • Port your current number

Total min $149.90

Critical Information Summary Terms of Use

Plan Summary

12-mth contract

Min charge. $659.88


12-mth contract

min charge. $659.88


9 reasons to choose an Exetel value-packed ADSL plan

Anytime data usage

Unlimited downloads

Life is too short to count your GB's. Our unlimited data plans give you the freedom you want at prices you'll love.

30 Free email addresses

30 Free email addresses

That's a lot of email addresses. More than enough to cover everyone in your household. If you're a club or association you've got enough to cover the email addresses of your members.

Optimised for streaming

Optimised for streaming

We optimise the performance of video streaming services to ensure you get the best possible viewing experience.

No excess quota charge

Flexible contract terms

Choose between a 12 month contract or go month to month with no lock in!

Save by bundling your phone line

Save by bundling your phone line

If you bundle your phone line and ADSL together with Exetel, you'll save $5/mth on your phone line rental cost compared to our standalone phone line rental of $30/mth.

Flexible contract terms

No excess quota charge

With unlimited data you don't have to worry about excess usage charges, or your speed being shaped if you exceed your allowance.

nbn™ Ready Broadband

nbn™ Ready Broadband

Your ADSL2+ service is nbn™ ready! As soon as the nbn™ becomes available at your place, you can upgrade to nbn™ FREE of charge, with no termination, transfer or activation fees.

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Join over 120,000 people

When you switch to Exetel you can be confident that you are joining over 120,000 Australians who have saved on their nbn™ and broadband with us.

Things you need to know

Available subject to qualification

Plan inclusions, prices and promotional offers advertised may not be available at all addresses. The service qualification address check is only a preliminary result of plans and prices available in your area. Please note that the result may vary, together with plans, prices and promotions available at your address, as we process your order and connection.

About nbn™ ready

When nbn™ is available at your address, you can upgrade within your contract period to any Exetel nbn™ plan available on the website without incurring an early termination fee. If you elect to upgrade to Exetel nbn™ plan your broadband activation fee is free. You need to purchase a nbn™ ready modem if you don't have one. If you purchase a 12-month nbn™ plan you can choose to add a free nbn™ modem. A shipping fee of $20 applies.

About FREE activation

Where advertised as free, the Exetel broadband plan activation fee only is free. Depending on the service ordered, there may be additional up-front charges which are not free and will be charged as per our Terms of Use. These charges include, but are not limited to, charges such as Phone Line Activation Fee or Copper Line Installation Charges, Lead-in or Additional Cabling, Equipment Charges such as Modems, Routers or Splitters, Missed Appointment Fees or any complex on site work required to provide a functional broadband service.

Free month(s) offer

If you order a No Lock-in ADSL2+ bundle plan, the first month broadband and phone bundle monthly plan fee only is free. If ordering a 12-month plan, the first two full-months bundle plan fee only is free. Your free month(s) will be applied as a credit to your account on your first (and second) invoices. Call charges and excess usage charges will still apply. Promotion is for a limited time only.

The bonus month(s) free on a Saver 4G mobile plan offer is only available when ordered together with your Exetel ADSL broadband bundle service. If ordering a 12-month ADSL broadband bundle you can choose to add an Exetel Saver 4G mobile plan on a 12-month contract where the first full 2 months plan fee are free. Or if you choose to order a month-to-month ADSL broadband bundle you can also choose to add the Exetel Saver 4G mobile plan on a 12-month contract where the first full-month plan fee is free. Regardless of the plan chosen you will be charged a pro-rated fee for first partial month from activation to the end of the first billing cycle. Your free month(s) will be applied as a credit to your account. Excess and international call charges and any excess usage charges will still apply. Learn more about our Saver 4G mobile plan.

Pay-As-You-Go call rates

Your broadband service comes bundled with a PSTN phone line on either the Optus or Telstra networks depending on your address.

Untimed Local Calls: 20c/call
National Calls: 15c/min + 35c/call
Calls to Australian mobiles: 35c/min + 35c/call
Untimed 13/1300 Calls: 30c/call
International Calls: Billed per second. Rates vary by network supplier
Call rates: Telstra network
Call rates: Optus network

Payment information

A payment verification charge of $1 will be debited to your account at the time of sale. This will be credited back to you on your first invoice. You can also organise to pay by Direct Debit to avoid the 1% Credit Card surcharge.

Modem shipping costs

To ensure the optimum performance of your service, and to allow Exetel to deliver full technical support we recommend purchasing our ZTE ZXHN H268A modem when you order your service. A $20 shipping charge applies to all modems, whether or not the modem is supplied free as part of the broadband plan or ordered separately.

Exetel acceptable use policy

Plans with unlimited data or call allowances are subject to Exetel's internet acceptable use policy and telephone service acceptable use policy.

Why choose us?

Looking for the best ADSL2+ broadband provider?

Exetel is one of Australia's most trusted and best ADSL2+ providers. Since our launch, hundreds of thousands of Australians have saved on their broadband with us.

ADSL2+ provider you can trust.

We've been around for over 10 years. Exetel is Australia's largest independent internet service provider.

Cheaper ADSL2+. Lower prices. More data.

Because we keep our overheads as low as possible, our ADSL2+ unlimited plan prices are amongst the cheapest available.

Unlimited ADSL2+ plans

If you want the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about your data usage, our Unlimited ADSL2+ plans are for you. Exetel's Acceptable Use Policy applies.

Optimised for video streaming

If you’re looking for ADSL2+ broadband that’s optimised for video streaming, you’ll love our ADSL2+ plans.

A full range of low cost telco services

Exetel provides a full range of great-value telecommunication services. In addition to cheap ADSL2+ plans, we provide a range of cheap nbn™ and fibre broadband plans as well as a range of mobile services.