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Available subject to qualification. See Things You Need Know.

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FREE nbn™ upgrade. No termination, transfer or activation fees.

Your questions about ADSL answered

How long does it take for my service to be activated?

Every broadband connection is unique because every house and location is different. If you have an existing working ADSL service, we will do our best to transfer your service within approximately 4 business days. However, if a new installation is required or we need to change network providers then the service activation may take up to approximately 14 business days.

Sometimes things can happen which are outside of our control when connecting your premises. Problems with our network suppliers or challenges with the physical cabling can arise on any installation. In these instances, your activation may take much longer. But don’t worry, our expert and friendly provisioning team will be with you every step of the way.

Will there be any ADSL or phone downtime when I switch?

No, provided the current ADSL service at your premises is connected to existing Optus or Telstra infrastructure (either directly or via another reseller) then you will remain connected as we move you to your new service on the scheduled appointment day.

I am with another provider, but my phone is with Telstra?

No worries. You can still get an ADSL service or ADSL with Home Phone bundle with Exetel subject to service qualifications. If you bring your phone line rental to Exetel, you will save heaps on your line rental cost and get some of the cheapest call rates available.

Will I need my phone service account number when I order?

You will need to obtain it from your current provider's monthly invoice before you submit your order to Exetel.

Can I apply if another company provides my phone line?

Yes, you can still get an ADSL service or ADSL Home Phone bundle with Exetel subject to service qualifications. If you bring your phone line rental to Exetel, you will save heaps on your line rental cost and get some of the cheapest call rates available.

What happens to my phone and ADSL connection once my order is completed?

Once our supplier completes the phone number port-in process, we will then begin the process of activating your phone and ADSL service. Your ADSL and phone service should be active on the day of scheduled activation.

I am moving to a new place and the phone line isn't active?

You can still make an application. If you are relocating an existing Exetel ADSL with Home Phone bundle to a new premise, Exetel handles the complete process. An available copper phone service is required at your new premise for us to relocate your service. No further action is required by you, should we need any further information we will be in contact.

How do I organise for cabling to be repaired, or new cabling to be installed, if my premises needs it?

If you would prefer to shop around for your own cable technician, rather than use the network carrier technician to install or repair your B-side or internal cabling, make sure you use a Registered Cabler. To find the Registered Cabler nearest you, please visit

Does Exetel offer naked ADSL2+ services?

Unfortunately, no. The Exetel ADSL with Home Phone offers great value and one of the lowest phone line rental and call rates available today.

What does nbn™ Ready mean?

When nbn™ is available at your address, you can upgrade within your contract period to any Exetel nbn™ plan available on the website without incurring an early termination fee. If you elect to upgrade to Exetel nbn™ plan your broadband activation fee is free. You need to purchase a nbn™ ready modem if you don't have one. If you purchase a 12-month nbnTM plan you can choose to add free nbn™ modem. A shipping fee of $20 applies.

Can up-front charges vary?

Yes, the new ADSL2+ and telephone line activation charges quoted are only approximations due to the unknown nature of the supplier network at your premises. There could be extra charges if additional work is required by our network supplier to connect and activate your new telephone line.

In ordering this service you understand and accept that the new telephone line Activation Charge could vary between $59 to $299 (plus potential additional charges if in premises cabling is lacking or faulty) depending on the type of work required to activate the new telephone line. You will be liable for all charges associated with the installation or reactivation of your new telephone line.

Exetel may not be able to notify you of any new telephone line activation charges prior to or during the installation process. Exetel may be notified of these charges by our network supplier after the work is completed. As soon as we are able to, we will pass these additional activation or connection charges on to you at cost (plus GST). Failure to pay will see your service suspended or cancelled.

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Unless there has been a major failure to comply with statutory guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law an Early Termination Charge (ETC) is payable if you wish to cancel this broadband and telephone service within the minimum contract term.

The ETC will be pro-rated by the number of months remaining in your minimum contract period. You may cancel your service at any time by giving Exetel thirty (30) days’ notice (including if you do not wish to continue to use the service after the end of the minimum term of the contract). For example: if you cancel a 12-month contract with 3 months remaining after the notice period ends then the Early Termination Charge would be calculated as $199.98 divided by 12 months times 3 months. This would amount to an ETC of $49.99 including GST.

Early termination charges are as follows:

  • 12-month contract: $199.98 including GST
  • Month-to-month contract: No Early Termination Charge (ETC) applies.

What is CG-NAT?

Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation is a method of sharing a single unique public Internet Protocol (IP) address with multiple customer internet services. This allows internet providers to extend their pool of remaining Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) addresses.

Why is Exetel changing to CG-NAT?

Globally, the pool of available IPv4 addresses will soon be exhausted, so Exetel has chosen to use CG-NAT as a way to share the limited supply of public IPv4 addresses ahead of full deployment of IPv6.

How does CG-NAT affect me?

CG-NAT will not affect the majority of new Exetel customers. However, there are some applications - such as web or email servers or remote access to security cameras and devices - that may depend on a static IPv4 public address to work.

If you are an existing Exetel customer with an existing Exetel static public IPv4 address you will retain this address.

How do I opt-out of CG-NAT?

If you need to discuss your service or opt-out of CG-NAT, you can call our technical support staff on 13 39 38.