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All ExeGO plans come with :

Anytime downloads1

4G speed

Data usage alerts

Excess data $10/GB1 - 3

Anytime uploads

Month-to-month terms2

Your plan summary

Network type

Activation fee4

Contract term

Your total

$ 30.99 per month

Minimum total cost is $19.99.

Critical information summary >

1 Data (both up and down) is counted and charged per kilobyte. A gigabyte = 1,000 megabytes in terms of inclusions and charges. Prorata allowance applies in first month. Uploads and downloads counted. Exetel Mobile Acceptable use Policy Applies.

2 Month to month contract is defined by the calendar month. Cancel with 28 days notice.

3 Excess data blocks charged at $10.00 per whole GB. No refund for unused data and no carry over to the next month.

4 A payment verification charge of $1 will be debited at the time of sale. This will be credited back to you on your first invoice

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For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.