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Order before 30 June 2017 and get bonus data5 and FREE Activation for the first 12 months.

With FREE activation our BYO device 4G SIM only mobile broadband give you access to the Optus 3G/4G/4G Plus networks on month-to-month terms. Check out the 4G-network coverage in your area.

All ExeGO plans come with :

Anytime downloads1

4G speed

Data usage alerts

Excess data $10/GB1 - 3

Anytime uploads

Month-to-month terms2

Your plan summary

Network type

Activation fee4

Contract term

Your total

$ 30.99 per month

Minimum total cost is $19.99.

Critical information summary >

1 Data (both up and down) is counted and charged per kilobyte. A gigabyte = 1,000 megabytes in terms of inclusions and charges. Prorata allowance applies in first month. Uploads and downloads counted. Exetel Mobile Acceptable use Policy Applies.

2 Month to month contract is defined by the calendar month. Cancel with 28 days notice.

3 Excess data blocks charged at $10.00 per whole GB. No refund for unused data and no carry over to the next month.

4 A payment verification charge of $1 will be debited at the time of sale. This will be credited back to you on your first invoice

5 Bonus Data allowance available for the first 12 months of plan life. Exetel may change the Bonus Monthly Data plan allowance to the current plan allowance for the plan price after the first 12 months.

6 Available to all new Exetel Mobile Broadband customers and existing Exetel Mobile Broadband customers whose services are upgraded (spend $0.01 or more extra per month).

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For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.