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Excess data $10/GB

Total min $9.99

Mobile Broadband Service Terms of Use

Network performance

Exetel uses the Optus mobile network to supply your mobile broadband service. The performance of your service can be impacted by many factors such as: your location and distance from the Optus mobile tower; using the service inside a concrete building; the number of users sharing the network; the source of your download; general internet traffic; your hardware and software configuration.

How data allowances work

Whether you’re downloading or uploading, as you use your data we count each session in kilobytes. This means you get more usage out of your total data plan each month than if we counted in megabytes. That means your data goes further.

Each Exetel mobile broadband plan comes with a monthly allowance of measured in gigabytes, which is 1,000 megabytes.

Exceeding your data allowance

If you do happen to exceed your monthly data allowance, Exetel will automatically add additional data in 1 GB blocks for $10 each (for the whole gigabyte).

There is no roll-over or refund to the next month for any unused data allowance. And for the first month your data allowance is prorated based on the days left in your billing cycle.

Spend control

You can choose to limit your excess usage each month using the Spend Control function in My Exetel. The excess usage spend control can be set at increments between $0 and $100 or set to “OFF”, giving you the peace-of-mind that you won’t be hit with unexpected excess usage charges.

About contract lengths

If you choose a twelve-month contract it will expire on the anniversary date of your mobile broadband service activation in twelve months’ time. You can cancel your mobile broadband service with 28 days’ notice, however if you are within your twelve-month contract period and choose to cancel your service then cancellation fees will apply.

Cancelling your plan

Early cancellation fees apply. If you cancel your Exetel mobile broadband service within the contract period you will have to pay the following early cancellation fees:

Plan Name Month 0 to 5 Month 6 to 11
ExeGo 8GB 12-month $70 $25
ExeGo 15GB 12-month $100 $40
ExeGo 25GB 12-month $170 $60
ExeGo 60GB 12-month $230 $80
ExeGo 90GB 12-month $300 $115

If you wish to downgrade your 12-month ExeGo plan to a lower included value plan or change to a month-to-month plan, inside your initial 12-month term you will have to pay the applicable early cancelation fee for your current 12-month plan and then select your new plan in your My Exetel members facility. Any new 12-month plan you select will have its own new 12-month term and applicable early cancelation fee.

If you wish to upgrade your 12-month plan in your initial 12-month contract, you can do this and keep your initial contract term. Early Termination Fees will apply to the new plan for the remainder of the original plan contract term.

Exetel acceptable use policy

Exetel's mobile service acceptable use policy applies. You can read our acceptable use policy here.

Payment information

A payment verification charge of $1 will be debited to your account at the time of sale. This will be credited back to you on your first invoice. You can also organise to pay by Direct Debit to avoid the 1% Credit Card surcharge.

Billing & payments

When you place your order for a mobile service with Exetel, a payment verification charge of $1 will be debited from your credit card or bank account. This will be credited back to you on your first monthly bill, or as soon as possible if your service cannot be activated.

If you have ordered a USB or wireless modem from Exetel we will email you your bill for the modem and shipping costs at least 4 days before your service is activated. We will also debit your account at the same time.

Once your service is active, we will email your first invoice and after 10 business days of the invoice date, we will debit your credit card or bank account for:

  • Any service activation charges due
  • Pro-rata first month plan fee for your service based on the date activated to the end of the billing cycle
  • If your service is activated after the 14th of the month you will be billed the following months recurring plan fee

After this, your monthly bill will be emailed to you on the 14th of each month in pdf format to the nominated email account provided during the ordering process.

Your ongoing monthly bill will include charges for both the current month recurring plan fee and any prior-month excess usage or other billable activity.

Your nominated bank account or credit card will be debited after 10 business days of your receiving your monthly invoice.

Credit check

When you order a service, Exetel may give information about you to a credit reporting agency to obtain a consumer credit report about you and/or allow the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file containing information about you. This information may include the details given by you to Exetel when ordering your service.