Business ADSL2+ Broadband & Phone Service Terms of Use

You must be over 18 years old and be the authorised representative an organisation with a registered ABN or ACN to purchase this service as an ADSL2+ broadband and telephone line service or standalone broadband service. To transfer a service from another provider, you must be the account holder of that service.

This product can either be purchased as a standalone broadband service or as a bundled broadband and telephone line service which includes phone line rental, unlimited and untimed local, long-distance calls, calls to Australian based mobiles in Australia as well as Pay-As-You-Go (billed per second) call rates to international destinations.

Exetel does not provide any phone handsets with the phone line rental service. You will need to provide a telephone handset to make and receive calls for this service.

Installation of your ADSL2+ broadband and phone service

Your service address or phone number qualification check is only a preliminary result of plans and prices available in your area. The final result may vary as your order is processed.

If you are transferring an existing service to Exetel, you will need to ensure you maintain an active ADSL2+ broadband and/or telephone connection. If you cancel your ADSL2+ or telephone service prior to transferring to Exetel, you may be charged a new service activation fee, rather than the lower service transfer fee.

If we are delivering a new ADSL2+ broadband and phone service via an unused or inactive phone line, our network supplier will first confirm the service availability at your local exchange.

This will be followed by additional checks on things such as equipment capacity and copper path availability to the network boundary point at your premises.

Please note that Exetel, via our network suppliers and their technicians, can only provide support up to the network boundary point.

Activation process

The typical activation period is around 10 business days.

On or around the fifth business day after you place your order, we will send you an email and text message with your expected activation date.

A percentage of new connections may require a technician to visit your premises to connect your service. If this applies to you, we will send you an email and text with a time for your technician appointment.

You need to ensure that you, or a responsible adult, is present and have access to the main distribution frame (MDF) or first telephone wall socket.

If no-one is present for your appointment you may be charged $220 including GST for a missed technician appointment. If you do need to reschedule, you will need to advise us before 5pm AEST, at least two business days prior to your appointment.

You will need to advise us before 5PM AEST at least two full business days prior to your appointment if you wish to cancel your new service, otherwise Early Termination Charges will apply.

A few installations will need more than one technician appointment to complete your new service. If yours does, either we or a technician from our network partner will call you to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Standalone premises

In standalone premises, the network boundary point is the first telephone wall socket only. If there are multiple phone sockets, the service will be delivered to the socket that provides the shortest path to your premises and/or as technically feasible to complete your installation.

Multiple tenant premises

For multiple tenant premises such as factory units, the network boundary point is the A-side of the main distribution frame (MDF).

We will organise our network partner Telstra (or their agent) to send a technician to connect your new service up to the network boundary point.

If your service is delivered via the Telstra network, the technician will also connect your service up to the first socket within your premises.

If the technician determines that non-standard installation work (such as replacing faulty cabling or installing new cables) is required to connect your service, you will be charged Fee-For-Service of $85 per 15-minute interval plus materials for any required work.

If your service is delivered via the Optus network, then in a percentage of cases an Optus technician (or their agent) will also need to attend to jumper the service from the A-side to the B-side of the main distribution frame (MDF). Exetel will let you know if this second technician visit is required.

If the Optus technician determines that non-standard installation work (such as faulty cabling or installing new cables) is required to connect your service, then they will advise you of the work and costs and charge you directly.

Up front charges

The new ADSL2+ and telephone line activation charges quoted are only approximations due to the unknown nature of the supplier network at your premises. There could be extra charges if additional work is required by our network supplier to connect and activate your new telephone line.

In ordering this service you understand and accept that the new telephone line Activation Charge could vary between $59 to $299 (plus potential additional charges if in premises cabling is lacking or faulty) depending on the type of work required to activate the new telephone line. You will be liable for all charges associated with the installation or reactivation of your new telephone line.

Exetel may not be able to notify you of any new telephone line activation charges prior to or during the installation process. Exetel may be notified of these charges by our network supplier after the work is completed. As soon as we are able to, we will pass these additional activation or connection charges on to you at cost (plus GST). Failure to pay will see your service suspended or cancelled.

ADSL Speeds

ADSL2+ service speeds are up to 20Mbps/800kbps download/upload. Actual speeds depend on which service is available on your phone line from our network supplier and the length and quality of your phone line. Where ADSL2+ is not available, we will connect the fastest ADSL1 speed possible for your phone line from your local exchange up to 8,000/384kbps download/upload. In some cases, we may be unable to complete your order if ADSL2+ or ADSL1 services are not available from your local exchange.


To ensure the optimum performance of your service, and to allow Exetel to deliver full technical support we recommend purchasing our ZTE ZXHN H268A modem when you order your service. Full specifications for the modem can be found here.

Exetel does not offer Priority Assistance

Telstra’s Priority Assistance is a service designed to help customers who have (or are living with someone who has) a diagnosed life-threatening medical condition, and whose life may be at risk without access to a fully operational phone service.

The Exetel Home Phone Service does not support “Priority Assistance” service features. Telstra is the only carrier required to provide priority assistance services to its customers as a condition of its licence. For more information about Priority Assistance Services, please refer to

Call Rates (PSTN)

Your broadband service comes bundled with a PSTN phone line and certain unlimited calls on either the Optus or Telstra networks depending on the address.

Your call rates are:

Untimed Local Calls: Unlimited & included
National Calls: Unlimited & included
Calls to Australian mobiles: Unlimited & included
Untimed 13/1300 Calls: Unlimited & included
International Calls: Billed per second. Call rates vary by country.

Unlimited International Call Pack

This optional, add-on service allows you to make an unlimited number of untimed calls to the nominated destinations which is covered by the monthly cost of the Unlimited International Call Pack.

This add-on service also allows you to make an unlimited number of untimed calls to fixed landline numbers in the following countries: United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States of America, China, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan and Singapore.

Satellite calls and Directory Assistance calls that are not included in the Unlimited International Call Pack service and will have per minute rates (billed per second) applied.

Exetel’s acceptable use policy applies. Please read our Telephone Acceptable Use Policy for more details.

Total Minimum Costs

The total minimum cost on a 24-month contract term = ((Monthly Broadband Plan Charge + Phone Line Rental + Optional Add-On Features) x 24 months) + Line Activation Charge.

The total minimum cost on a 12-month contract term = ((Monthly Broadband Plan Charge + Phone Line Rental + Optional Add-On Features) x 12 months) + Line Activation Charge.

Additional service connection charges may apply depending on the type of connection (or reconnection) and the type of work required to activate your new broadband service.

Calculating data usage

Uploads and downloads are counted towards your monthly data allowance.

Once you exceed your monthly allowance your download and upload speeds are restricted to 128/128kbps for the remainder of your billing month.

Billing and payment

When you place your order for a fixed line broadband service with Exetel, a payment verification charge of $1 will be debited from your credit card or bank account. This will be credited back to you on your first monthly bill, or as soon as possible if your service cannot be connected.

If you have ordered a modem from Exetel we will email you your bill for the modem and shipping costs at least 4 days before your service is activated. We will also debit your account at the same time.

The date your Exetel service becomes active is known as your anniversary date.

Once your service is active, we will email your first bill and after 10 business days of the invoice date, we will debit your credit card or bank account for:

  • Any broadband activation charges due
  • Any additional service connection charges (such as New Development Fees or additional site work)
  • Your first month recurring plan fee

After the first month, you will receive your monthly bill via email on your anniversary date each month.

Your ongoing monthly bills will include charges for both the current month recurring plan fee and any prior-month excess usage or other billable activity.

Your nominated bank account or credit card will be debited on or around 10 business days after your anniversary date.

Early Termination Costs

Unless there has been a major failure to comply with statutory guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law an Early Termination Charge (ETC) is payable if you wish to cancel this broadband and telephone service within the minimum contract term.

You may cancel your service at any time by giving Exetel thirty (30) days’ notice (including if you do not wish to continue to use the service after the end of the minimum term of the contract).

Early termination charges depend on how far into your contract you choose to cancel as follows:

24-month contract: Bundled Standalone
0-6 months $330 $270
6-12 months $$230 $150
12-24 months $100 $80
12-month contract: Bundled Standalone
0-12 months $150 any time $99 any time

Credit check

When you order a service, Exetel may give information about you to a credit reporting agency to obtain a consumer credit report about you and/or allow the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file containing information about you. This information may include the details given by you to Exetel when ordering your service.

Changing your plan

If you are currently on a 24-month contract term, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan for a $19.99 plan change fee and remain on your existing contract or pay $0 plan change fee with a new 24-month contract.

If you are currently on a 12-month contract term, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan for a $19.99 plan change fee and remain on your existing contract or pay $0 plan change fee with a new 12-month contract.