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Unlimited text

300 minutes value

No Lock-in

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Excess data $10/GB

Total min $9.99

Questions and Answers

How long until I receive my ExeSim service?

Once you have ordered your ExeSim mobile service, we aim to have your Setup pack into your hands ready for use within 2-3 business days.

However, there can be circumstances outside the control of Exetel and/or our wholesale suppliers where your new service activation could take much longer.

Want to Bring your number from elsewhere? No Problems!

We know that you love your mobile number, so we have made sure it is easy to bring your mobile number from your current service, across to Exetel.

All you need to do is select the option 'I would like to keep my current mobile number and port it to Exetel' under the section 'Keeping your old or selecting a new mobile number' in the order form, fill out a couple of details about your existing service, and we will take care of the rest! Nice and Easy!

Your first Bill - What is Pro-Rate Charge?

Here at Exetel, we use a calendar month billing cycle. This means that when you first start your ExeSim mobile service, it is highly likely that it will be in the middle of a billing cycle. The Exetel billing cycle is the 1st to the last day of the month.

What this means for you, is that for the first month your bill may be higher than the standard monthly charge, as it may include the following full month in advance and part month charges, depending on when you started.

The part month charges mean that instead of receiving the full included value allocation/s, and being charged for a full month, we apply the allowance/s and charges as a pro-rata amount of the full month. In other words, when you receive your first bill, the allocated usage and monthly access fee will be calculated and charged based on the number of days remaining in the current bill cycle.

For example:

Barry orders a new Mobile service on the 13th of a 30 day month, and activates his service on the 15th of the month.

The pro rate calculation would be calculated as below;
Monthly Plan Cost: $19.99
Included Talk, Text & MMS: $300.00 + $200.00 = $500.00
Included Data 1,500MB
Number of Remaining Days
(Number of days in the month) - (number of days elapsed) = (remaining days)
30 - 15 = 15
Pro Rata Plan Cost
(Monthly plan cost) ÷ (number of days in month) x (remaining days) = (pro rata monthly cost)
$19.99 ÷ 30 x 15 = $10.00
Pro Rata Included Talk, Text & MMS
(Included Talk + Text & MMS) ÷ (remaining days) = (pro rata Included Talk) + Text & MMS
($300 + $200) ÷ 30 x 15 = $250 being $150 Talk + $100 Text & MMS
Pro Rata Included Data
(Included Data) ÷ (remaining days) = (pro rata Included Data)
1500 ÷ 30 x 15 = 750MB

After the first bill, your monthly bill and included value allowance/s will be applied in full as per the critical information summary associated with your plan.

Global Roaming

When you are travelling overseas there are any number of things that you have to consider, Passports, Tickets, Luggage, inoculations, feeding the fish etc… Contacting your mobile provider to activate Global Roaming is generally the last thing on your mind.

This is why all ExeSim plans are pre-configured with Global Roaming (Voice and Data) all active. This ensures that you are not caught overseas with a mobile that doesn’t work leaving you out of contact.

Not only does this make it simple, we want to make it as inexpensive as possible, by offering highly competitive voice and data rates in over 160 countries around the world. For the full Global Roaming rate sheet visit: Click Here

If you prefer that Global Roaming is not active on your handset, no worries, you can deactivate voice, data, or voice and data, via MyExetel at any time.

When does my Usage reset?

The included value allowance usage on your ExeSim mobile plan resets to match your billing cycle. All ExeSim plans are billed month to month on a calendar basis, which means that your included value allowances will be reset on the 1st of the month.

If you want to track your usage, we provide voice and data usage meters in your MyExetel member services. You can read about managing your usage, and usage notifications, on our Mobile Usage Help page found here MyExetel.

What's the deal with SMS and MMS?

What is an SMS and MMS?

An SMS is a text only message.

An MMS is media message e.g. text and/or picture file and/or sound file.

How big can the message be?

An SMS is 160 characters in length.

The maximum size of an MMS is 500kbytes

Hang on a second, my smartphone allows me to send an SMS that is longer than 160 characters... What's the deal with that?

You are absolutely correct, most handsets available these days allow for messages to be sent that exceed 160 characters. Each 160 character block is counted as an individual SMS.

For example, if you sent an SMS that was 193 characters in length, you will be charged for sending two SMS units.

What is included in Unlimited SMS?

If your ExeSim mobile plan has an Unlimited SMS allowance, you can send an unlimited number of SMS to any Aussie mobile whilst they are in Australia.

How do I ensure all of my on Account calls are FREE for my ExeSim Saver Plan?

To ensure all of the numbers you want to call are rated as 'FREE', just log into your My Exetel portal for your ExeSim Saver Plan and ensure all numbers are listed under the 'Services & Usage' Tab. If they aren't, please call us on 1300 788 141 Option 4 to arrange a Billing Account Merge.

Call Diversion

ExeSim mobile plans allow you to setup a call diversion on your mobile, to any Australian fixed line or mobile number. And the best news is, any diversion charges are part of your included voice allowance.

Premium Services

Premium services are not included in any ExeSim call allowances.

Call charges for Premium Services are applied by Third Parties, and Exetel are unable to provide call rates for these call, message, and data services.

Premium Services include the National Relay Service. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, and wish to make calls the Natioanl Relay Service, you must have an account with Australian Communication Exchange (ACE) and you will be charged for the calls.

As Premium Services are not operated by Exetel, any costs are the responsibility of the account holder. This includes the cost of any calls made from your phone, including calls made by family and friends, even when made without your knowledge.

Lost and Stolen Handsets

In the event that your ExeSim powered handset is lost or stolen, please call us as soon as is possible to block your service on 1300 788 141 option 2

Our support team will suspend your lost/stolen service, arrange a new SIM card where required, and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

How can I change my plan?

The Exetel Member's Facilities allows plan changes. To change your plan, log into My Exetel prior to the 27th of the month, click on “Services & Usage”, click “Manage” next to the service you wish to change the plan on then click “Change Plan”. Once you have selected your new plan, click “Submit”.

I applied for a plan change, when will it take effect?

Plan changes take effect on the 1st day of the following month, as long as you have applied prior to the 27th of the month. If you apply after the 27th, the plan change will take place one month later.

Tethering my ExeSim service in my phone

Tethering on the ExeSim plans is as simple as connecting your phone to your tablet/computer, and clicking search.

Tethering is active by default on all ExeSim plans to make it easy to use your service however you want to use it, without worry.

When you connect your phone to another device, it will provide you the ability to share your mobile data connection to access the internet. By tethering your device, you will use your included data allowance. We reckon you should keep your eye on your usage, because if the included data allowance is exceeded, excess usage charges will apply.

What happens if I want to upgrade my 12 month ExeSim plan to a higher included value plan inside my initial 12 month term?

No problems! Just log in to your My Exetel members facility and select your new larger allowance plan. There will be no plan change fee and you will stay on your original contract term, so if you have 4 months left to go on your old plan, you will only have 4 months to go on your new plan. If you decide to cancel within that remaining term, you will still have to pay the applicable early cancelation fee for your new plan. The plan change comes into effect (in terms of cost and allowances) on the next billing cycle (next month) if you do your plan change prior to the 27th of the month. If you plan change after the 27th, the change won’t come into effect till the month after.

What happens if I want to cancel my 12 month ExeSim plan within the 12 month term?

You will have to pay the following early cancelation fees:

Plan Name Early Cancellation Fee
Month 0 to 5
Early Cancellation Fee
Month 6 to 11
ExeSim Saver 12 Month $60 $20
ExeSim Value 12 Month $60 $20
ExeSim Extra Value 12 Month $80 $30
ExeSim Plus 12 Month $120 $40

What happens if I want to downgrade my 12 month ExeSim plan to a lower included value plan, or change to an ExeSim month to month plan, inside my initial 12 month term?

You will have to pay the applicable early cancelation fee for your current 12 month plan and then select your new plan in your My Exetel members facility. Any new 12 month plan you select will have its own new 12 month term and applicable early cancelation fee.