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December 2014

04/12/2014Exetel wins Money magazine’s 2015 Best of the Best Award for Best-Value Broadband Bundle Plan

Sydney, 4 December 2014: Exetel, Australia’s largest fully independent internet service provider, has been awarded Best-Value Broadband Bundle Plan at Money magazine’s 2015 Best of the Best Awards held in Sydney yesterday.

Exetel CEO, Mr Richard Purdy comments, “We are delighted to pick up the award for Best-Value Broadband Bundle Plan for our 100 GB ADSL2+ plan bundled with a landline and ExeChat call pack. The award is great recognition of our ambition to be the best value Internet provider in Australia. The popularity of our plans is clear. We are very excited by the number of new customers who have chosen Exetel this year.”

The company’s super-value bundle plans start from just $39.99/mth for 100 GB data allowance and a phone line. Each plan available on the Exetel website comes packed with features including:

Anytime downloads: Exetel doesn’t split plan allowances between peak and off peak. Customers receive 100% of their allowance whenever they choose to use it.

No excess quota charge: Exetel doesn’t charge customers for additional data downloads once they’ve hit their monthly allowance. Instead the company shapes the speed so customers avoid nasty bill surprises. Customers can also buy extra GB’s.

Free uploads: Exetel don’t count uploads in a customer’s monthly data quota. They only count downloads. So all uploads are free. This can save a customer up to 30 to 50% of their monthly allowance, depending on their usage habits.

Free ExeFone connection: Exetel customers can choose to access their ExeFone (VoIP) service to make hassle free cheap calls via their internet service. This service comes free with every Exetel broadband connection.

12 month contracts: Each Exetel plan come with a short 12 month contract.

Cheap home phone call rates: With an Exetel home phone line customers have access to cheap local, national and calls to Australian mobile numbers and three unlimited ExeChat call packages.

30 Free email addresses: Exetel provide enough email addresses to cover everyone in a customer’s household, club or association.

Exetel broadband subscriber numbers have grown by 18% this year. This strong growth rate is driven by the appeal of the Exetel offer – simple, easy to understand plans, good service and big savings.
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March 2014

19/03/2014Exetel's new NBN plans take off

Exetel, Australia's largest fully independent internet service provider has launched a range of NBN plans, sales of which have taken off in NBN serviced locations around the country. Featuring anytime downloads, free uploads and 12 month contract, the new plans range from $39.99 per mth up to an unlimited plan with 100Mbps speeds possible for $89.99 per mth. To order and for more information please Click here

February 2014

12/02/2014Exetel Takes Off With New Brand Launch Celebrating 10th Birthday

Exetel, Australia's largest fully independent internet service provider, celebrates it's 10th anniversary today by announcing a major brand relaunch and new NBN plans. The family owned company has revealed a new logo, new corporate livery, new website and new brand slogan and commenced mainstream advertising for the first time in its history.

October 2013

01/10/2013Exetel launches new range of ADSL2+ Broadband Plans

Exetel has introduced a new range of straight-forward ADSL2+ Broadband Plans. With 3 easy download allowance options of 100 GB, 500 GB and Unlimited we have made ordering a whole lot easier. You can also choose to bundle with Exetel's Phone Line Rental and receive a $5.00 bundling discount. This product is only available to new Exetel Broadband customers and will be made available to Exetel existing customers within the next few months. To order and for more information please Click here

01/10/2013Exetel offers $20.00 Phone Line Rental

Exetel has introduced very competitive and low cost call rates with their new simple Phone Line Rental product. Receive a $5.00 bundling discount per month when you bundle your Exetel ADSL with Exetel Phone Line Rental.

April 2013

01/04/2013Exetel launches telephone bundle discount

For the month of April, Exetel will give a $10.00 discount on bundled Exetel Broadband and telephone line rental services via the Telstra Network (Metro Zone 1 only). These include the ADSL2-X and the ADSL1-X plans. When you bundle your Exetel Broadband and telephone line rental you have the convenience of being invoiced by one utility provider, one single bill plus a $10.00 discount every month! Keep in mind that this offer is only valid when you bundle your Exetel Broadband with an Exetel telephone line rental.

01/04/2013Exetel launches entry level ADSL plan

For a limited time Exetel will be offering an entry level ADSL1/2+ plan which offers 5 GB Peak and Unmetered Off Peak Data Allowance for $35.00 per month. This product is great for light users and is only available for new Exetel Broadband customers. This offer is only valid from 1st April till midnight 30th April 2013.

March 2013

01/03/2013Exetel releases Unmetered Off Peak NBN Plans

Exetel released a new range of Fibre Broadband plans packed with amazing features such as Unmetered Off Peak Data Allowance which means your usage during the 1.00 am to 9.00 am Off Peak Period does not get counted towards your usage. Please refer for the definition of Unmetered in Section 10.

The plans also offer free uploads and no excess usage charges. In March 2013 (till midnight 28th March 2013) Exetel are also throwing in a free TP-Link TL-WR740N modem for all new NBN orders. Freight charges apply. For more information plese Click here

08/03/2013Exetel Launches New Website

Exetel launches a new website with a new home page and layout. Exetel is aiming at catering to the customer ease of use and friendliness. Changes will continue to be made to the website but we have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers and staff about changes and improvements made to the new website.

February 2013

01/02/2013Exetel offers Free TP Link Modems

From 1st February 2013 to 28th February 2013 (midnight) Exetel offers a Free TP Link modem to any customer who signs up to an ADSL or Fibre (NBN & Opticomm only) service.

TP-LINK TD-W8951ND - for ADSL plans (includes Telstra, Optus and AAPT) - Savings of $39.00 for ADSL Plans

TP-LINK TL-WR740N - for NBN Fibre plans (includes NBN and Opticomm) - Savings of $20.00 for NBN or Opticomm Fibre Plans

For more information on the modems, Click on:

Shipping/Modem Freight will be $25.00. This offer is only applicable when bundled with an ADSL or Fibre order via the order form. It will not be offered as a standalone offer on the hardware store.

January 2013

01/01/2013Exetel's New BYO Mobile Plans

Exetel released a new range of BYO 3G Mobile plans powered by the Optus Mobile Network which include month to month contract terms, Free SIM, Free Setup and Free Shipping. For more information please Click here.

December 2012

06/12/2012Exetel launches new Small Business Packages

Exetel released a new range of small business packages and standalone services which are packed with amazing download allowances and features such as PC Security and Online Backup powered by Global PC Security expert F-Secure. The plans offer value for money and are being accepted well in the small business market place. For more information and to order please Click here.

10/12/2012Exetel partners with FaceMe

Exetel has partnered with the award winning FaceMe browser based video conferencing and collaboration system. We are bringing this exciting productivity solution to existing Exetel business and corporate customers this month with a range of attractive plans. If you can get online, you're at the meeting. There's no need to download and install software. FaceMe is open for everyone, so you can get who you need, when you need them. For more information visit our informative product page. Please Click here.

17/12/2012Exetel partners with China based modem giant TP-Link

Exetel has partnered with China based Modem and hardware giant in order to be able to provide some of the best quality hardware products available in the market. We have a whole range of ADSL compatible and Fibre compatible modems on offer at very attractive prices. You can also find these hardware options on the order forms. To view our new hardware products please visit the hardware store

October 2012

01/10/2012Exetel connects to 7 new exchanges in NBN coverage

Exetel has connected to 7 new areas covered by the NBN rollout. Selected areas in suburbs such as Ryde, Waterloo, Pitt Town, Mullumbimby, Wollongong and Maitland NSW are serviceable along with Macgregor, ACT.
To find out if your address can be serviced by the NBN please visit and type in your address or call Exetel Sales on 0280301000 and select Option 1.

September 2012

03/09/2012Exetel introduces free installation on Optus ADSL2+ new and transfer orders

From 3rd September 2012 to 30th September 2012 the installation charge on Optus ADSL2+ services (OP and OPF plans only) will be waived which is a savings of $40.00/$69.00 upfront.

03/09/2012Exetel introduces new Mobile Broadband Plans

Exetel launches new better-value mobile broadband plans which can be ordered from our website or your Members Facility. On a per MB basis they are much better value than our previous plans. With an S1.5 plans starting from 2 GB for just $15.90 per month!. Visit and click on MBB "Standard Tab" for more details.

01/09/2012Exetel doubles download allowance on Optus plans

Exetel has doubled the off peak download allowance on all Optus Plans (OP and OPF only). This applies to all existing customers and new customers. Example: Customers who were previously receiving 300 GB peak and 300 GB off peak on an OP4 or OPF4 plan will now receive a whopping 300 GB peak and 600 GB off peak!

August 2012

31/08/20121.19 Million SMS's Sent

August 2012 was an excellent month for SMS achieving 1.19 million SMS's for the first time since the product was introduced. This is an amazing achievement and just goes to show how many businesses are switching over to SMS as a successful marketing tool.

28/08/2012Exetel's Facebook Page

Exetel is now on facebook!

08/08/2012Free Activation on Mobile Plans

Exetel is offering free activation on all mobile plans that are activated between 8/8/2012 to 31/8/2012 which is a saving of $20.00 in your pocket.

July 2012

23/07/2012Agent Only Plans

Exetel added special agent only plans on to the Exetel order form. These agent only plans offer better plan allowance and value for money compared with the standard Exetel website plans. These plans can only be ordered by using a valid agent code or if you have been recommended/helped by an agent. Agent only plans are for new customers only.

June 2012

25/06/2012$60,000 per annum corporate data sale

As the AAPT Exetel partnership grows from strength to strength, one of the Sri Lankan based sales representatives proved their ongoing ability and commitment to achieving their sales targets by generating a sale worth $60,000 revenue per annum. Great things lie ahead for Exetel with this ongoing partnership.

04/06/2012Dedicated Small Business Sales and Support Queue

As part of Exetel's commitment to Small Businesses, Exetel has added a dedicated small business sales and support line which is easily accessible to the millions of small businesses who are in need of much need technical support and advise on picking the right plan for their small business. To contact the small business team, call 02 8030 1002.

01/06/2012Amazing Optus Bundled Deals for Existing Exetel Customers

Exetel started a special promotion for its existing Telstra and AAPT based customers, offering them an unbeatable bundled ADSL2+ & line rental package via the Optus Network. The Exetel Optus plans (OP and OPF) are Exetel's most popular plans to date and we opened it up to our existing valued customer base. If you are fortunate enough to be on the Optus exchange, please check your Members Facilities to view the ongoing promotion.

May 2012

28/05/2012Contract Free Unlimited Mobile Plan

Exetel launched an unprecedented new 'unlimited' mobile cap plan for less than $38.90 making it one of the most competitive plans in the mobile market. For more information on the plans and to order, please visit

15/05/2012Exetel's new Valued Added Services

Exetel via Optus commenced discussions with Europe's most trusted online security and protection organisation about introducing value added services to Exetel's growing consumer base. Consumers are becoming more tech savvy and use the internet for daily activities. It is important for everyone to remember that online security and safety are very significant to protecting one's finances and personal details. Exetel is also planning on joining forces with Australia's largest online movie rental company. It is all about making the Exetel customer experience a bigger, better and affordable experience.

07/05/2012ACCC Telstra Price Reduction

On 7th of May 2012, the ACCC announced a mandatory price reduction on all Telstra ADSL1 and ADSL2+ services which were passed on to all the Telstra Wholesale resellers. Exetel was the first major ISP to pass on those cost savings to the general public which was accepted very well by the Exetel consumers.

01/05/20121300/1800/13 Numbers - Inbound Services

An Exetel Inbound Service allows your customers to call your business for the cost of a local call (in the case of 1300 numbers). It can be a very effective way to promote your business. Transferring your existing Inbound service to Exetel or setting up a new Inbound service takes only 5 business days. You may even like to get a ‘smart number' such as 1300 EXETEL to promote your business even more! Plus there is no lock in contract. To view Exetel's very competitively priced Inbound service plans and charges please visit

April 2012

04/04/2012Exetel places more emphasis on the use of agents

Agents are a great way to receive on-site assistance as they are often located in your neighbourhood or not too far away from where you live. Agents can provide technical knowledge, onsite assistance on faults and hardware issues to name a few. Exetel also released a new set of agent only plans offering better value, increased download allowances (often double the allowance that is offered on the Exetel website) and in the case of NBN plans, cheaper installation costs. These plans can only be ordered via Agents and are available till 30th April 2012 (for the time being). To get on board these agent only plans and to find an agent in your area please feel free to search using your suburb or post code -

01/04/2012New Residential Order Forms

Exetel launched a new order form and a whole new set of Optus, Telstra and AAPT plans. The new order form offers the customer better guidance on plan selection and options. The new plans continue to illustrate Exetel's commitment to give customers the best possible value/price/performance on the market.

March 2012

28/03/2012Exetel expands NBN coverage to Kiama Downs. Armidale and Rhodes

In addition, NBN plans have been updated and revised to ensure that the overall cost and price per Mbps are the 'industry best'. To view our NBN plans and to see if your suburb is NBN ready please visit

15/03/2012The intense focus on the newly created outbound sales team in Sri Lanka begins to show results.

After setup and training during January and February, the first significant sales results are on the board with some individual sales ARPU's of $12,000 to $50,400 in some cases.

01/03/2012Record residential sales month

Exetel enjoyed a record sales month in February, achieving 2021 residential and SMB orders for the month, which is growth of more than 100% for the same period in 2011.

February 2012

10/02/2012Exetel's new NBN Fibre Broadband Plans

Exetel introduced a competitive range of NBN Fibre Broadband plans which are cheaper than Exetel's previous Fibre Broadband plans. NBN boasts of speeds up to 5 times faster than traditional ADSL2+ speeds. The NBN coverage is growing slowly but rapidly with suburbs such as The Ponds, Kiama Downs, Elinya – Rhodes and Lidcombe in NSW becoming fibre ready. For more information on fibre ready areas within Australia please visit

06/02/2012Exetel CEO Passes Away

On February 2nd, 2012, John Linton, Exetel's CEO passed away unexpectedly at the age of 69. John Linton devoted the last 8 years of his life growing Exetel and taking it to great places. John had several plans in place for Exetel for the year 2012. Despite this great loss, Exetel continues with strong sales growth in both residential and corporate markets. Exetel appointed a new CEO, Steve Waddington, co founder of Exetel and Exetel's Technical Director for the last 8 years.

01/02/2012Exetel's presents its cheapest Mobile Cap plans to date, the Exetel M Plans

In February 2012, Exetel introduced their cheapest ever mobile cap plans - the M series mobile plans. The plans are available to new customers on a month by month contract basis rather than the usual 12 month contract plans that were on offer. The M plans are packed with extra value compared to Exetel's previous V, Z and X plans and the fact that they are contract free means that there are no nasty early termination fees involved. Plans start at $8.00 which is a perfect price tag for families with children as calls from Exetel to Exetel mobiles are included in the cap allowance.
February will see the final beta testing phase for the AI development project. An initial production release is planned for mid February, and will feature enhancements to the knowledge base retrieval and pattern matching algorithms. The development team are forecasting an effective success rate of 90% for any unique question about information contained in the knowledge base. If that benchmark is reached, it will be a truly remarkable achievement.

January 2012

15/01/2012Exetel releases SMB Unlimited ADSL2+ Plans via the Optus network

Exetel also introduced a range of Small and Medium Business Packages (via the Optus Network) with ADSL2+ bundled plans starting at $49.00 for Unlimited Internet + Free Calls to local, national and Optus mobiles. There are over 2 million small businesses within Australia and if Exetel can attract only a small number of those, we will more than meet our objective.(

01/01/2012Exetel signs major contract with 3rd largest telecommunications wholesale provider in Australia.

Exetel signed a major contract with AAPT, the third largest wholesale provider in Australia, to provide dedicated sales and support services for AAPT's Ethernet and Fibre business grade data services.. These operations will be carried out from our Colombo office and the sales results are proving to be on target. Most of January was dedicated to training these 20 Sri Lankan sales personnel. John, Clare and Clarissa spent a few weeks in Sri Lanka doing the initial sales presentations, training and teaching these sales personnel the technical, provisioning and sales side of these business/corporate services. This new contract not only signifies a new face for Exetel but also a new era where we strive hard to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible price along with the best customer service Australia has to offer.

December 2011

26/12/2011Exetel Completes 8th Successive Growth Year

Exetel will complete its 8th successive record year since entering the telecommunications business in January 2004. Despite the fact that the past three plus years have been exceptionally difficult with Telstra changing its methods of providing services within Australia which in turn has caused an unprecedented number of tiny through very large 'competitors' either exit the business market completely or sell out to another provider. Throughout those years, with one exception, Exetel delivered 96 consecutive months of increasing revenues.
In December 2011 Exetel will complete its highest ever revenue month to end its highest ever revenue year. We will also finish the year with more customers and more employees, in both Australia and in Sri Lanka. As signaled in the previous announcement of a strategic partnership with AAPT, Exetel will enter 2012 with plans to double revenues and employees over the coming 18 months. These plans are based on a major expansion in our small business and medium/large business marketplaces and renewed growth in the residential telecommunications services market places.

20/12/2011Exetel Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement With AAPT

Earlier this morning (20th December 2011) AAPT's CEO, David Yuile and Exetel's CEO, John Linton, signed a partnership agreement to more aggressively promote the take up of business data services across the AAPT business data exchange network.
The partnership is based on AAPT supporting Exetel to continue to grow its business sales force in Colombo to over 100 sales consultants (from 20 today) plus ancillary personnel by the end of 2012 who will be dedicated to selling and supporting AAPT's business data services.
This is the culmination of twelve months of planning and testing the markets while simultaneously building the systems and processes as well as developing the technical and sales training required to give this partnership the very best chances of success.
AAPT is already a major supplier to Exetel of business services and this partnership is aimed at building additional customers from the current 50 or so per month to over 400 per month by December 2012.

November 2011

30/11/2011Exetel Introduced Lowest Cost ADSL2 Plan

Today Exetel released the lowest priced ADSL2 plan available from any provider - $4.50 per month for ten gigabytes of downloads (uploads not charged) when the customer also orders Australia's lowest PSTN telephone line service - $20.00 per month. This plan complements the $9.50 per month plan release in mid November.
These plans are being made available to address than greater than 50% of Exetel's current users who seldom exceed monthly downloads of more than a few gigabytes a month (and on the assumption that there are many users of other ISP's services who fall in to the same category. It also allows Exetel to return to original business basis of providing the lowest cost ADSL and telephone services in Australia.

27/11/20112011 Exetel Customers Send More Than 3,000,000 Faxes in A Single Month

Exetel began offering a fax service from the user's PC some three years ago having 'pioneered' the service within our own company. Over that time both residential and business customers have gradually increased their use of this service and in November have sent well over 3,000,000 faxes so far.
Not only does controlling the sending and receiving of faxes fro the user's computer provide a range of services not able to be provided by conventional fax machines but the costs are far lower. It was only a relatively short time ago that Exetel customers sent more than 2,000,000 faxes in a month and with the steep uptake of this service since July 2011 it will not be long before the next mile stone is reached.

October 2011

17/10/2011Exetel Delivers More Than 10 GbPS Of Data To Customers For The First Time

Less than six weeks after reaching the delivery of 9 gbps of data to Exetel customers Exetel delivered 10 gbps of data today for the first time. This rapid growth over such a short period of time is partly due to caching enabling residential customers to download more of their total data more quickly inn peak times but mainly due to the increasingly rapid growth of business customers selecting Exetel as their data supplier.
The record 150 new business customers choosing Exetel in August has been maintained in September and again in October with man more new customers choosing Exetels pure IP solutions. Looking at current forecasts this growth will continue at a slghtl slower pace over the coming months.

September 2011

26/09/2011Exetel Completes Multiple Redundancy For NSW Users

Exetel completed the initial 10 gbps ring of routers on its Australian network today. When Exetel built the first section of its network in January 2004 (a single location in the Sydney CBD) it was based on ATM (155 mbps) routers, switches and circuits. By July of 2005 Exetel had doubled the number of PoPs to two (the second one was also in Sydney) and had begun to use 1 gbps hardware and circuits. Because of various carrier constraints, Exetel continued to use a mixture of ATM and GigE hardware and circuits as it rolled out an Australia wide network only retiring the last old ATM technologies towards the end of 2009 and then almost immediately planning the replacement of the newer GigE boxes and circuits with 10 Gbps boxes and circuits.
It took longer than we expected but we now have the four Sydney PoPs linked on a multi-redundant 10 gbps ring that is designed to be totally redundant in the event of Exetel losing either one or two of its Sydney PoPs. This technology is now scheduled for Melbourne and Brisbane before the end of June 2012 after which time we begin a fourth new network design based on a completely different architecture.

07/09/2011Exetel Delivers More Than 9 GbPS Of Data To Customers For The First Time

Exetel commenced in providing residential ADSL services to residential users in early February 2004. At that time IP transit was very expensive and Exetel was only able to deploy 10 mbps of IP connectivity in its first days. This quickly doubled to 20 gbps before the end of February 2004 and then was added to twice a month for the next seven plus years while the PoPs were increased from one in the CBD to four in Sydney, two in Melbourne and, shortly, two in Brisbane and one each in each of the other States plus the ACT and Auckland.
IP transit is now bought from Optus, Verizon and NT&T and is terminated in each of the different Exetel PoPs in the different capital cities. For the first time last night Exetels customers downloaded more than 9 gigabits of data simultaneously which is a very, very long way from our first moment of operation when we had a single link of 10 mbps.

August 2011

31/08/2011Exetel Smashes Record For New Corporate Data Orders

Over the past two and a half years Exetel has been gradually building a corporate sales and support force providing Ethernet services to medium/medium large corporate users. The number of corporate customers who have elected to use Exetel data services over that time has continued to increase and is now approaching 1,500 separate organizations many of whom have multiple services.
Exetel has sold over 100 services in several months in 2011 and in August a new mile stone was reached when over 150 services were ordered in the month of August for the first time. This is significant because it represents a significant percentage of the total corporate data sales made by all three carrier suppliers of these services and because the number was achieved several months ahead of our planned targets.
Exetel plans to become the largest provider of fibre and EOC business/corporate data services increasing monthly sales to more than 500 services a month by the end of the 2012 calendar year.

18/08/2011Exetel Completes NBN Stage One Trial

Over the past four weeks 50 Exetel customers in Armidale and Kiama in NSW have had access to NBN trial services. Early experiences are positive for the majority of trialists with many reporting achieving close to 100% of the theoretical speeds but some not achieving as fast a connection as they could have or were hopeful of getting.
While there have been the sort of minor installation problems expected in any such trial of a new service the overall impression with the end users is one of general satisfaction. These trialists will continue to use the NBN fibre services until the end of August when they will make a decision on whether to turn off their ADSL connection and continue with the NBN fibre connection or revert to using their previous ADSL service.
Current indications are that the majority will opt to continue with their NBN fibre service.