Home Phone Call Features

With Exetel Home Phone you have access to a complete range of important call features. For a full list of features & rates, click here

If you are already an Exetel Home Phone customer, or once your service is active, you can log into My Exetel to turn on or off any of these features with just one click.

Call Return : $0.40/call

If you miss a call and want to know who it was, Call Return will let you find out the number quickly and easily (unless it was a blocked number).

Call Back Busy : $0.40/call

If a number you call is busy, you don’t need to wait around trying to get through. Simply set a Call Back and let the system watch the line for you. When the number you want is available, you’ll get an automatic call back.

Call Forward : Free

Forward all calls to your home phone number to another number of your choice. Standard call rates will apply.

Unlisted Number (Silent Number) : $3.50/mth

Keep your number hidden from any directory service.

3 Way Call (3-way-chat) : $0.60/call

3-Way Chat is great for making plans with friends. It lets you talk to two friends at once, and either friend can leave the call at any stage, so you can bring in someone else.

Easy Call Forward (Call Divert) : $2.50/mth

You can forward specific callers to another phone by creating a ‘Selected Callers List’ of up to 15 numbers.

Call Control : $3.70/mth

If you want to stay on top of your call costs, or several people are sharing your phone, you can use Call Control to set a range of barring levels for outgoing call types – including STD, International, 190 or local calls.

Voicemail (Messagebank) : $6.50/mth

The easy way to catch calls when you’re away from your phone or already on the line.

Caller ID (Calling Number Display) : $6.50/mth

You can also see who’s calling before you answer by having the caller’s number displayed on your phone. You’ll need a phone with a display screen.