ADSL2+ broadband & phone line



per month

This is our most popular bundle plan.

With 100GB ADSL2+ download allowance
and phone line for $39.99/mth including
anytime downloads, free uploads, free public
static IP address and a 12 month contract!

Total min. cost of $537.87 on 12 month contract.
Includes $59.99 line activation fee. Available subject to qualification.

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Cheap Broadband - how do we do it?

Our super value broadband plans include:

Anytime downloads
We don’t split your allowance between
peak and off peak. We give you 100%
of your allowance to use whenever you
choose to use it.

No excess quota charge
Rather than charge you for additional data downloads once you’ve hit your monthly allowance, we shape the speed. That way you avoid any nasty bill surprises and you can always buy extra GB's.

Free uploads
We don’t count your uploads in your monthly data quota. Only your downloads count. So your uploads are all free. This can save you up to 30 to 50% of your monthly allowance depending on your usage patterns.

12 month contracts
Our plans come with a short 12 month contract.

Cheap home phone call rates
With an Exetel home phone line you have access to cheap local, national and calls to Australian mobile numbers and three unlimited ExeChat call packages.

Free public static IP address
We include a free static IP address with your broadband plan saving you up to $10 per month when compared to other providers.

30 Free email addresses
That’s a lot of email addresses. More than enough to cover everyone in your household, club or association.

Free ExeFone connection
You can choose to access ExeFone (VoIP) to make hassle free cheap calls via your Exetel internet service. This service comes free with your Exetel broadband connection. You can also access a range of ExeFone unlimited call packs that really save you money.

Save $5/mth bundling your telephone line
If you bundle your phone line and ADSL together with Exetel, you’ll save $5.00/mth on your phone line rental cost compared to our standalone phone line rental of $25/mth.