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Mobile International Phone Call Rates

Using your Exetel Mobile overseas

Exetel Global Roaming provides you the flexibility to take your Mobile phone when travelling overseas, ensuring you can continue making and receiving calls, accessing your Voicemail and Emails, sending and receiving SMS and MMS, all without having to change your mobile service number to over 160 destinations.

Things you need to know about Global Roaming;

  1. Any Voice and/or Data usage whilst Roaming is charged outside of any Included Value allowance or Data packs,
  2. Charges apply for both sending and receiving a call whilst roaming,
  3. Data is charged in 10 kbyte blocks.
  4. Not all destinations support Australian Mobile handsets, therefore you may not be able to make or receive calls in all destinations,
  5. Voice and Video calls are charged in 60 second increments,
  6. GST does not apply to roaming charges, with the exception of standard SMS, MMS, international SMS and international MMS rates,
  7. All charges incurred overseas are billed back to your account in Australian dollars,
  8. Global roaming charges may take up to 160 days to display on your account,
  9. Global Roaming rates are subject to change without notice, due to fluctuations in international currency exchange rates and changes to charges imposed by overseas networks. Exetel will endeavour to communicate any changes to you at the earliest possible time via this web page,
  10. Exetel is unable to guarantee the quality and availability of coverage or any services (e.g. SMS, GPRS) whilst overseas, and
  11. Global Roaming is able to be activated and/or deactivated by logging into My Exetel.

Exetel roaming rates

Roaming Charge Types Zone 1 Zone 2 Other [Sat , Aero & Marine]
National Voice Calls within the same country (per minute) National Voice Calls $1.50 $1.50 $4.00
International Voice Calls outside the country you are in (per minute) International Voice Calls $1.50 $1.50 $4.00
To receive Voice Calls (per minute) Receive Voice Calls $1.50 $1.50 $4.00
National Video Calls within the same country (per minute) $1.50 $1.50 $4.00
International Video Calls outside the country you are in (per minute) $1.50 $1.50 $4.00
To receive Video Calls (per minute) $1.50 $1.50 $4.00
Connection Charge (per outgoing Voice and Video call) Flag Fall  - connection fee $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

SMS to an Australian number (160 characters)

SMS to a non-Australian number (160 characters)

To receive SMS











MMS to an Australian number (per message) Standard domestic MMS rate + Data @ $0.01/10KB Standard Domestic MMS rate + Data @ $0.01/10KB Standard Domestic MMS rate + Data @ $15.50 per MB
MMS to a non-Australian number (per message) Standard international MMS rate + Data @ $0.01/10KB Standard International MMS rate + Data @ $0.01/10KB Standard International MMS rate+ Data @ $15.50 per MB
To receive MMS (per MB) Data / 1MB $0.50 $1.00 $15.50
GPRS / 3G Data Data / 10KB $0.01 $0.01 $0.155

All rates listed in $AUD. Voice & Video Calls rates are shown per minute and charged with an initial increment of 60 seconds and per 30 seconds thereafter

GST does not apply to roaming charges (with the exception of the standard SMS, MMS, international SMS and international MMS rates).

Zone 1
Oceania and the Pacific Europe North America Asia
Fiji Albania Canada 1 2 Afghanistan
French Polynesia Austria Guam & the Northern Marianas 2 Bangladesh
Nauru Belarus Puerto Rico 2 Bhutan*
New Zealand Belgium United States 1 2 Brunei Darussalam
Norfolk Island* Bosnia and Herzegovina US Virgin Islands 2 Cambodia
Papua New Guinea Bulgaria   China
Samoa Croatia   Hong Kong
Solomon Islands Cyprus   India
Tonga Czech Republic   Indonesia
Vanuatu Denmark   Japan 3
  Estonia   Kazakhstan
  Faroe Islands   Korea South 3
  Finland   Kyrgyzstan
  France   Laos
  Germany   Macau
  Gibralter   Malaysia
  Greece   Maldives
  Greeland   Monglia
  Guernsey   Nepal
  Hungary   Pakistan
  Iceland   Philippines
  Ireland   Singapore
  Isle of Man   Sri Lanka
  Italy   Taiwan
  Jersey   Tajikistan
  Lativia   Thailand
  Liechtenstein   Timor-Leste
  Lithuania   Uzbekistan
  Luxembourg   Azerbaijan
  Macedonia   Armenia
  Malta   Georgia
  San Marino    
  Slovak Republic    
  United Kingdom    
  Vatican City    
Zone 2
South America Central America Africa Middle East Caribbean Islands Oceania and the Pacific Asia
Argentina 1 2 Costa Rica 1 Algeria* Bahrain Anguilla Cook Islands Vietnam
Bolivia Belize* Botswana Egypt Antigua and Barbuda    
Brazil El Salvador* 4 Burkina Faso Iran* Aruba    
Chile 1 2 Guatemala* Cameroon* Iraq* Barbados    
Colombia Mexico Chad Israel Bermuda    
French Guiana* Panama 4 Congo, Democratic Republic of the* Jordan Bonaire    
Guyana   Cote D'lvoire* Kuwait* Cayman Islands    
Paraguay*   Ethiopia* Lebanon* Curacao & Bonaire    
Peru   Ghana Oman Dominica    
Trinidad and Tobago   Gambia Palestine Dominican Republic 1 2    
Uruguay   Guinea Bissau Qatar Grenada    
Venezuela   Guinea* Saudi Arabia Haiti    
  Kenya Syria* Jamaica    
    Liberia* Tunisia* St. Kitts and Nevis    
    Madagascar* United Arab Emirates St. Lucia    
    Malawi* Yemen* St. Vincent and the Grenadines    
    Mauritania*   Turks and Caicos    
    Reunion Island*        
    Sierra Leone*        
    South Africa        
    South Sudan*        
Zone 3


  • * Data roaming is not yet available in this country
  • 1 Requires a 3G 850/1900 handset for 3G Roaming
  • 2 Requires a GSM 1900MHz compatible (tri-band) handset
  • 3 Requires a 3G 2100MHz compatible handset
  • 4 Requires a GSM 850MHz compatible (quad-band) handset
  • 5 Note: T-Mobile USA requires a 1700/2100MHz handset for 3G roaming

Wanting to use your mobile whilst enjoying a cruise?

No problem, Exetel Global Roaming allows you to use your Mobile whilst you are sailing the seven seas. Once activated, you can use your mobile on-board a maritime vessel while the ship is at sea. When using your mobile service (call, an SMS sent or data) the usage will be calculated under Zone 3 rate 'Maritime'. When the ship is approaching port, the in-ship system will turn itself off at which point you will likely lose mobile service until the ship reaches the port. Once you have reached port, your mobile will connect to the local roaming network, at which point the Global Roaming rate for the country you have just arrived will apply.

To find which cruise users can use their mobile on, access www.mcp.com; www.cellularatsea.com; www.siminn.co.uk and www.seanet.se

Using your Voicemail whilst overseas

You can retrieve a message whilst overseas by either;

  1. calling 321 on your mobile, or
  2. sending an SMS with the text ‘A’ to 321, and Voicemail will call you back.

Important Notes:

  1. Standard Global Roaming charges apply for both options.
  2. Global Roaming is required to be activated for Voicemail to work whilst overseas.
  3. Using Voicemail whilst overseas attracts charges when a message is being left and when you access the Voicemail. We advise limiting your Voicemail as much as possible whilst roaming.