A super-value starter plan for kids

With Super Saver 4G you get:

  • 2GB data allowance
  • Unlimited national calls & text
  • Free shipping and free activation
  • No lock-in contract

Super Saver 4G



Excess data $10/GB

Total min $8.99

Our Super Saver mobile plan is designed with parents and younger kids in mind.

We've created a plan that is perfect for pairing with your hand-me-down smart phone to pass on down the line. It's a time honoured, low cost way of making sure you're always connected as a family and allowing children to take on the responsibility of carrying and caring for a phone.

With unlimited call between Exetel mobile numbers on the same account, you and your child can call each other as often as you like. Just make sure you keep all your family plans on one account.

And to keep you firmly in control, we send regular usage alerts at 50%, 85% and 100% of the plan allowance to your kid's phone via text. We also send an email alert which you can direct to your own phone. It's a great way to keep track and discuss usage behaviour with your child as it happens.

Downloading the My Exetel app and putting all your family on the one account is also a great way to keep track.

And with Exetel's spend control function you have the peace of mind that you can limit any additional usage each month and avoid any bill surprises.

We've also made sure you have the choice and freedom of not being locked into a long term contract.

Ordering a SIM is easy. And once you have placed your order our new SIM will be delivered free of charge, direct to your door via Australia Post. Your child should be up and connected in no time.